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Changing Jobs? Retiring? Looking for better Investment Options?  The Retire E-Z Rollover Program is the Smart Choice for the Road to Retirement

You've worked hard and spent years building your retirement savings. Now is the time to keep your money working hard for you so you can enjoy your retirement. Whether you're planning to retire soon, changing jobs or simply looking for better investment options, the Retire E-Z Rollover Program helps you keep your qualified plan money from an IRA, 401(k), or 403(b) working for you in a tax-advantaged plan.

The Retire E-Z Express Program was developed especially for people who want to keep their qualified plan money in a tax-deferred account.

We understand that IRAs and investments may be unfamiliar to you. The Retire E-Z Rollover Program is a Rollover IRA and investment advisory service wrapped together in one program. First Hawaiian Bank will serve as your IRA trustee and our retirement professionals will work closely with you to examine your options in a straightforward manner, without the jargon, and will help:

  • Explain what's involved in a Rollover IRA
  • Assess your retirement income needs so you can select the appropriate investment option
  • Review and explain your IRA options when you are ready to start taking distributions.

The goal of the Retire E-Z Rollover Program is to help you transfer, invest and administer your retirement plan distribution-simply and conveniently.

A Comprehensive Investment Program

The benefits included with the Retire E-Z Rollover Program include:
(1) a complimentary analysis of your financial needs, including on-going consultations and information,
(2) up-to-date account information and reports detailing investment performance, and
(3) investment expertise.

Retire E-Z Rollover invests your IRA funds in the Bishop Street Mutual Fund family (non-FDIC insured), which is advised by Bishop Street Capital Management, as well as Certificates of Deposit investments, which are insured by the FDIC.

In one comprehensive account, the Retire E-Z Rollover Program can take advantage of the guaranteed interest rates of FDIC-insured CDs and the higher growth potential of non-FDIC-insured mutual funds through a process called asset allocation.

A retirement professional is always available to discuss your goals to keep your investment program focused on your needs at every stage of your financial life -- before and throughout retirement. Our retirement professionals will work through three easy steps with you:

  1. The process will begin by reviewing with you your qualified retirement plan distribution options and identifying your financial goals. They will then work with you to complete an Investor Profile, which will help define your investment expectations and risk tolerance.
  2. They will then help you identify the asset allocation strategy appropriate for you. Typically, you will choose from one of the Retire E-Z Rollover Program strategies that include objectives ranging from "conservative" to "aggressive." Or, with the help of your retirement professional, you have the flexibility to develop your own asset allocation mix with the investment options offered.
  3. Once your program is established, your account will be monitored by our retirement professionals to ensure that your investment strategy remains consistent: with your current situation and when market conditions change.

Contact a retirement professional today at 1-808-525-7134 for more complete information on the benefits offered by investing in the Retire E-Z Rollover IRA and how to open an account.